The Best Italian Espresso Machines For Home & Commercial Use

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Espresso is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and the perfect cup of espresso is the ideal start for any day. For that reason, espresso machines are becoming increasingly popular for home and commercial use. 

When it comes to a home espresso machine, it’s hard to beat the reliability and convenience of the Italian brand; they’re known for their high-quality machines.

We’ve covered you whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line machine for your home, a small office, or a commercial coffee shop. We’ve researched and rounded up the 9 Best Italian Espresso Machines for you so that you can enjoy delicious coffee anytime, anywhere.

A Quick Comparison of Our Top Picks

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Reader’s Note: We divided the article into two sections: one for the top Italian espresso machines for home use and another for commercial use. You can use the “Table of Contents” above to go to the section according to your needs.

What Are The Best Italian Espresso Machine Brands?


This is a list of notable Italian espresso machine brands. This list includes companies that make espresso machines and other espresso-related equipment.

The best Italian espresso machine brands are the ones that make you feel like you’re at home in your kitchen. There are a lot of different espresso machines on the market today, and it can be hard to choose which one is right for you.

We’ve done all the research for you and picked out the four best Italian espresso machine brands.



De’Longhi is an Italian small appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. The company was founded in 1902 as a portable heaters and air conditioners producer. In the 1970s, De’Longhi began to expand its product line by adding small appliances such as food processors, mixers, and coffee makers. Today, De’Longhi is a leading manufacturer of small appliances, with a particular focus on espresso machines.



Gaggia is an Italian coffee company founded in 1947 by Achille Gaggia. Gaggia was the first company to produce an espresso machine with a steam-driven piston, which revolutionized the way espresso was made. Gaggia continues to grow high-quality espresso machines for home and commercial use.



Rancilio is an Italian company that manufactures espresso machines and other commercial coffee equipment. The company was founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio, and today it is one of the most respected brands in the coffee industry. Rancilio’s products are known for their durability, quality, and design.

Nuova Simonelli


Nuova Simonelli is an Italian espresso machine manufacturer that has been in business since 1936. The company produces commercial and home espresso machines, grinders, and other coffee-related products. Nuova Simonelli’s machines are known for their quality, durability, and ease of use, making them a popular choice for experienced baristas and home coffee enthusiasts.

These are just a few of the best Italian espresso machine brands. When you’re ready to buy an espresso machine, check out these and other great Italian brands.

Best Italian Espresso Machine For Home Use [Tested & Ranked]

1. Delonghi ECAM22110B MagnificaS

Item Weight9 Kilograms
Human Interface InputButtons
Capacity1.8 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel

We’ve tried a lot of Italian espresso machines in our time, and none of them came close to the quality of this one. This one comes from Delonghi, a leading brand in the world of coffee equipment, and they have made it unique.

Delonghi ECAM22110B MagnificaS is designed to give you the best possible espresso experience, and it does so in a straightforward way. The machine automatically grinds your coffee beans and prepares the coffee, and you just have to press a button and choose how you want your espresso to taste.

The machine also features a front-loading water tank and a bean hopper, where you place the beans and ground coffee. The machine also has a built-in grinder, which is excellent because you can get precisely the right grind size for your coffee.

It has a control panel that displays the current volume of ground coffee and the number of shots left. There’s also an LED display that shows the brew strength and the time remaining.

The machine can also be used with coffee beans or ground coffee to make two cups of coffee simultaneously. It’s got a tank that holds 1.8 Liters of water, which is more than enough for up to eight cups of coffee.

It has a powerful pump that generates up to 15 bars of pressure, allowing you to brew a perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino.

The machine is also tranquil so that you can use it anywhere and has a power consumption of just 4.5 watts. It’s also effortless to clean, and all parts are dishwasher-safe.

This espresso machine is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make great coffee every time, and a 12-month warranty backs it.


  • The overall build quality of the machine is outstanding, and it is clear that Delonghi has put a lot of care into making a high-quality product.
  • It has many great features, such as an adjustable grinder and manual cappuccino maker, that make it a joy to use.
  • The machine is straightforward to operate, and you can even program it to make your coffee just as you like it.
  • It is an excellent value for the price, and it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • It can be a bit noisy when in operation.
  • You will need to descale the machine regularly to keep it in good working condition.

2. Gaggia Anima RI8760

Human Interface InputButtons
Capacity3.8 Pounds
Voltage110 Volts
Special FeatureProgrammable

If you’re looking for a sleek, powerful coffee machine that’s easy to use, the Gaggia Anima is the best option on the market.

It’s a simple, intuitive espresso machine that’s easy to set up and operate. You can easily adjust the temperature of your coffee and milk, and the machine also features a Panarello steam wand for making frothy milk.

You can customize your brew with three different programs: espresso, lungo, and cappuccino. The machine is reasonably compact and has a tall spout, so you can quickly pour your milk without spilling.

The Anima is compatible with two of the world’s best coffee beans, and you can fill the hopper with up to eight ounces of coffee at a time. The bean hopper also features an easy bypass dosing system that lets you easily dispense single shots or small quantities of coffee.

The Gaggia Anima comes with a 60 oz water tank, which is removable and easily accessible on the top left side of the machine. It also features a low-energy standby mode, which allows you to turn off the machine when you’re not using it.

This espresso machine is designed with a brushed stainless steel finish, which makes it look great and adds a bit of style to your kitchen. It’s also a relatively energy-efficient machine, so you won’t need to worry about draining your electric bill as much.

It’s the second-best Italian espresso machine for home on the market for anyone looking to impress their friends and family with their coffee.


  • The Gaggia Anima is a high-quality coffee and espresso machine with a steam wand for manual frothing.
  • This machine has many programmable options, making it easy to create your favorite drinks.
  • The machine is easy to use, with clear instructions on how to operate it.
  • The machine comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The machine is expensive, with a price tag of around $700.
  • Some users have reported that the machine is difficult to clean.

3. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica 

Voltage120 Volts
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity1.8 Liters
Special FeatureRemovable Tank

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine is a compact, stylish machine that can easily brew your coffee.

This model includes the burr grinder, which is where the magic happens. By adjusting the settings, the burr grinder can grind fresh beans at the right time. With 13 different settings, you can change how fine the beans should be ground.

The automatic frother is a great feature, as it allows you to mix steamed milk and steam to create a rich, creamy froth. You can still use the frother if you prefer regular dairy, but steamed milk is much better.

The machine is straightforward to clean. All the parts are dishwasher safe so you can wash them separately. This also makes cleaning the machine very easy.

This model comes with the De’Longhi Coffee Specialist Support. This means that you get expert technical support whenever you need it. This is important as it gives you peace of mind and helps you have the best experience with your machine.

In terms of performance, the De’Longhi ESAM3300 is a mighty machine. It can brew up to 5 cups of coffee per hour and up to 14 cups of coffee at once. It’s ideal for people who enjoy drinking lots of coffee, as it has enough capacity for you to do that.

The machine is also straightforward to use, with an easy-to-use control panel. This means you can easily set the brewing parameters and customize the machine to your preferences.

This model comes with a removable water tank and drip tray, which is convenient if you want to clean the machine.

Overall, the De’Longhi ESAM3300 is an excellent choice for coffee lovers. It’s easy to use, powerful, and comes with De’Longhi Coffee Specialist Support.


  • It is a versatile machine that can make many different coffee drinks.
  • The milk frother on this machine creates the perfect creamy foam for your coffee drinks.
  • It is a value-for-money machine, especially considering its features and capabilities.


  • The large and bulky machine might not be the best choice for those with limited counter space.
  • The machine does require some maintenance and cleaning to keep it running correctly.

4. Gaggia Brera

Human Interface InputButtons
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity40 Fluid Ounces
Special FeatureMilk FrotherDrip TrayInternal Grinder

We’ve been using the Brera for nearly a year and love it. It’s a super-automatic espresso machine we use every morning and night to enjoy delicious cappuccinos and lattes.

The Brera is incredibly fast to heat up and makes excellent coffee. It’s also a great option for people who like their coffee pungent and bitter because of its sturdy design and ability to brew strong coffee.

The Brera can handle a lot of coffee at once and is excellent for making lattes and cappuccinos or as a second espresso machine. We love that it can also double as a hot water dispenser for americanos and tea.

One of the best things about the Brera is that it’s easy to clean. You can clean the machine in less than 20 seconds with no tools or chemicals required. Make sure you clean the steam wand and wipe it off with a damp cloth after each use.

The Brera’s water tank is removable and dishwasher safe, which is great because it’s easy to empty and replace when the water runs low. You can remove the water tank, add fresh water, and put the old water in the dregs drawer. You can also set the water in the machine for the next morning’s brew.

A few buttons on the Brera are easy to find and understand, and the push buttons on the machine are large and easy to press. The Brera is robust and well-built and has a very sturdy design. It has a solid build quality that ensures long-lasting performance.

The Brera’s heating element is easy to access, and there’s a removable section on the back for easy cleaning. This is especially important if you have kids or pets because the machine is ultimately dishwasher safe.

The Brera is the fourth-best Italian espresso machine on the market. We’d recommend it to anyone who loves espresso and wants a super-automatic machine that’s easy to use and clean.


  • It has 15 bar pump pressure for rich, flavorful espresso.
  • It has programmable controls for customizability.
  • Small and silver, making it an excellent option for those who want something that doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • It has some great features, such as an automatic milk frother for perfectly steamed milk every time.


  • Some users have reported issues with the machine leaking water.

5. De’Longhi COM532M

Human Interface InputTouchscreen
Capacity10 Cups
Wattage1500 watts

The De’Longhi COM532M is one of our top picks for an all-in-one coffee maker because it makes excellent coffee and gives you many options to customize your coffee.

This machine features dual heating elements that allow it to brew espresso and coffee simultaneously. For espresso lovers, this is a plus because you get to enjoy your espresso on top of a cup of coffee.  

For those who love the taste of espresso, you can also use this machine for the espresso. Adjust the milk settings to the right level, and you’ll get a smooth, delicious espresso.

While it comes with a 24-hour programmable timer, the machine has many other useful features like a digital touchscreen that makes things more accessible and intuitive.

It’s also tranquil, and you won’t hear it running while trying to sleep. You can set your preferred time to wake up, so you won’t have to wait for hours to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee. 

The De’Longhi COM532M is also a spill-proof carafe that allows you to pour coffee quickly. It’s ideal for people who like to travel because you can easily clean it without worrying about it spilling.

The machine has a digital touch screen, making it easy to control. With this, you can adjust the settings and programs, turn it on and off, and even turn it off when sleeping.

The De’Longhi COM532M is easy to use and maintain and features several safety features that ensure your coffee stays hot and fresh.

Overall, the De’Longhi COM532M is our number five pick for the best Italian espresso machine because it makes excellent coffee and has many valuable features that make it easier and more intuitive.


  • It is an excellent choice for people who want the convenience of a coffee maker with the bonus of an espresso machine.
  • This machine comes with a glass coffee pot that can hold up to ten cups, making it perfect for large families or groups of friends.
  • It has an advanced adjustable milk frother so that you can create cafe-style drinks at home.


  • The machine can be a bit difficult to clean.

6. Rancilio Silvia

Human Interface InputButtons
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity0.3 Liters
ColorStainless Steel
Item Weight30.8 Pounds

The number six pick for the best Italian espresso machine for home comes from Rancilio, a company that’s been around since 1926 and was founded by Roberto Rancilio and has a reputation for creating some of the best espresso machines in the world.

Their Silvia is a very high-end espresso machine that will impress your guests with its sleek, modern look. It features a professional-grade group head and a steaming wand made of stainless steel.

The steaming wand offers a complete range of motion, which means that it can move in any direction and reach any part of the water tank.

To further improve the steaming quality, the Silvia comes with a professional-grade group head that’s ergonomically designed to fit right into your hand. Its group head can also maintain a stable heat, which helps prevent coffee burning.

The Silvia also comes with an articulating stainless steel steam wand, which is very convenient because it allows for precise control over the pressure of the steam.

It’s also a classic design, so it’s easy to fit into most decors.

This is an incredibly versatile machine, and it can be used for single shots or cappuccinos, or a complete cappuccino bar. You can also easily switch between frothing and steaming.

The Silvia comes with a removable two-quart water tank, which makes it easy to fill up and clean. The water tank is detachable so you can fill it from the machine’s top or side.

You can also buy a pod and capsule adaptor kit for the Silvia, which will let you use capsules or pods.

So if you’re looking for a high-end espresso machine that’s super easy to use, then the Silvia is the way to go. It’s sleek, stylish, and ready to brew your favorite espresso drinks.


  • It is built to last with an iron frame and stainless steel side panels.
  • It is effortless to use, even for beginner baristas.
  • The machine produces consistently delicious espresso drinks.


  • It can take some time to master the art of making espresso with this machine.

Here Are The Best Italian Commercial Espresso Machines

7. Nuova Simonelli Appia LIFE Volumetric 2 Group Full Size

BrandNuova Simonelli
Voltage220 Volts
Human Interface InputButtons
Capacity11 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel
Special FeatureWater Filter

One of our favorites is the Nuova Simonelli Appia LIFE, which has been in the business for over 90 years and is known for making top-quality espresso machines.

We think this is a fantastic machine for commercial use. It has a modern design, and the stainless steel finish looks classy.

It also comes with a lovely set of accessories that are useful for many different types of coffee bars. There’s an excellent steam arm, a sleek double boiler, a grinder, and a cup warmer.

While the machine does look expensive, we’d recommend that you keep in mind that it is a commercial machine, which means it’s designed to do more than pour coffee. It’s intended for serving food, and it makes the best espresso for that.

The Appia LIFE can brew up to 10 cups of espresso at a time, and it has a potent motor that’ll last for a long time. The pre-infusion system will ensure that the coffee is as fresh as possible, and the auto-dosing feature will keep the coffee fresh and consistent every time.

The boiler is designed to fit the machine perfectly, and there’s no need to mess around with a separate filter or stepper.

We love the fact that the machine is directly plumbed with a drain. That way, you won’t have to worry about a messy setup, and the machine will be ready to use in seconds.

We recommend the Nuova Simonelli Appia LIFE if you’re looking for the best Italian commercial espresso machine.


  • Programmable dosing and volumetric controls make it easy to make consistent espresso drinks.
  • The machine is well-built and designed for busy cafes.
  • It comes with a free installation and espresso starter kit.
  • The water filter system ensures that your espresso always tastes excellent.


  • The machine is on the expensive side.
  • It can be challenging to learn how to use all of the features.

8. Rancilio CLASSE 7 E2 COM Classe 7 Espresso Machine

Item WeightBlack
Human Interface InputKeypad
Capacity11 L
Special FeatureLCD screen

This is another tremendous commercial espresso machine from a trusted brand. The CLASSE 7 E2 has many features, including a soft touch keypad, auto volumetric, and LCD screen.

It’s not a cheap machine, but it still gives you excellent results and is easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert to use it.

It’s made with stainless steel and aluminum, which makes it strong, and it’s a heavy-duty machine with a capacity of 11L. It has a water tank, and the heating element is located at the bottom.

The machine has several valuable features like auto volume and is easy to operate. With a group feature, you can customize your drinks and set different temperatures for milk and coffee.

The LCD screen is easy to read and has a big font size. You’ll also find all the settings displayed for easy use. The Rancilio CLASSE 7 E2 also comes with a soft touch keypad, so you can easily adjust all the settings and set up the machine in no time.

The Rancilio CLASSE 7 E2 is suitable for home and commercial use and can be used in the kitchen, restaurant, and other areas. It is also portable, so you can move it anywhere you want.

The best part about this machine is that it can be used with either espresso or coffee pods, so you can easily switch between both types of beverages.

It has a powerful motor that can heat up to 190°F and a timer. It’s easy to clean, and it’s pretty quiet. The Rancilio CLASSE 7 E2 COM is a great Italian commercial espresso machine that’s great value for money.


  • It is a high-quality, durable machine that can withstand heavy use in a busy commercial setting.
  • This machine is fully automatic, so it is straightforward to operate and will save you a lot of time when making espresso drinks for your customers.
  • It produces excellent results, so your customers will be delighted with the drinks that you serve them.


  • The machine is a bit more expensive than other Italian commercial espresso machines.
  • This machine is not designed for home use, so if you are looking for an espresso machine for your personal use, the Rancilio CLASSE is not the right choice.
  • It is a bit large and bulky, so it may not be the best choice if your business has limited counter space.

9. Nuova Simonelli Musica MMUSICALUX01

BrandNuova Simonelli
Grinding MethodBurr
Bar Pressure9 bar
Capacity0.53 Gallons
Special FeatureRemovable Tank, Programmable

We were pleasantly surprised at how good the espresso shots from this machine were.

It’s easy-to-use button interface makes programming the settings and setting the amount of coffee to be extracted a breeze.

It has a stainless steel exterior, a stylish interior with a few controls, and a small LED display. It’s also programmed for total extraction, so you don’t have to do tweaking or fiddling with the settings.

It has a pre-infusion system that gets a total extraction from your grind. This is achieved by brewing a small cup of coffee added to the primary grinder. This way, it extracts the most flavor from the beans.

When it comes to steam, it’s equipped with a steam wand that features a lever that allows you to open up a high-pressure steam flow.

This is the one to get if you’re looking for a good steam wand. It also has a filter that can remove most of the oils from your espresso shots, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

The steam wand works tremendously and can heat your water within seconds. It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t require special tools.

One thing that does take away from its appeal is that it’s a bit expensive. It’s not as cheap as other models, but it is still worth the price if your business needs something powerful to cope with the demands.

Nuova Simonelli is known for its sleek designs, and this machine does not disappoint. The brushed stainless steel finish is both beautiful and durable. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee.


  • The machine is very compact and takes up minimal counter space.
  • The machine comes with a built-in water tank meaning you will never have to worry about running out of water while making your espresso.
  • The machine also has a built-in grinder. This is great because it means you can always have freshly ground coffee beans whenever needed.
  • The machine has a built-in steam wand. This is great because you can always have steamed milk for your espresso.


  • The machine is heavy. This is a significant drawback because it can be challenging to move around.
  • The machine requires a lot of maintenance. This is a considerable drawback because you must regularly clean and descale the machine.

Consider This While Buying The Best Italian Espresso Machine [Buying Guide for Home + Commercial Use]


Espresso Machine Types

The type of espresso machine you purchase is essential. There are many different models available on the market, each with its unique features.

Espresso machines can be divided into three categories: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Automatic espresso machines use a built-in grinder and brew a shot of espresso right in the machine.

Semi-automatic espresso machines use a built-in grinder and brew a shot of espresso after you input a specific amount of water, grind coffee beans, and pull the lever.

On the other hand, manual espresso machines use a built-in grinder and require you to grind your coffee beans and brew your own shot of espresso.

To learn more about the various espresso machines available on the market, check out this article.

Power Consumption

Another thing to think about when buying an espresso machine is how much power it uses. Generally, the more influential the machine, the faster it will brew.

However, a powerful machine may also use more electricity, which could be costly for your budget. So, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a high-powered machine.


You may need to consider how long you plan to own your espresso machine before making your purchase. Most espresso machines have a warranty, which means you can return the machine if it malfunctions within a specified period.

Some manufacturers will also extend their warranty to cover accidental damage, which will help ensure that you can continue enjoying the benefits of your espresso machine.

Cup Capacity

If you’re planning to serve coffee to friends and family, you’ll want to consider the cup capacity.

This refers to how many cups the machine can produce in one sitting.

The size of the cups you use will also depend on the size of your machine. Smaller machines are generally more compact, but larger ones offer more space.

If you plan to use the machine for a few people, you’ll want to choose a large-cup capacity model. This allows you to easily make more cups than if you had a small cup capacity.

In addition to the cup capacity, you’ll also need to consider the height of the machine. A taller machine will allow you to fit more cups on the countertop, making the process more convenient.

Consider The Size Of Your Business

If you’re planning on buying a commercial espresso machine, it’s crucial to consider the size of your business.

For example, if you run a small restaurant, you’ll probably want to consider a small, compact machine. If you have a more prominent place, like a coffee shop, you’ll probably want to look for something that can handle a larger volume of coffee.

How Much Money Will You Spend?

The average cost of an espresso machine will vary based on your choice. There are many factors to consider, including how oversized a commercial space you need, how much you want to spend on the machine, and whether you want to invest in a grinder.

The most basic machine, a hot plate with a nozzle attached, will cost around $500$1,000. Higher-end models will go for upwards of $3,000 to $10,000.

The Grind Setting

The grind setting is one of the most important factors when purchasing a commercial espresso machine. The grind setting will determine the coffee flavor, deciding whether you should buy a commercial espresso machine.

When buying an espresso machine, you’ll want to consider the grind setting based on the size of your business.

For example, if you have a small cafe, you’ll want to consider a delicate setting. You’ll want to consider a coarse environment if you have a more extensive, full-service coffee shop.

The most important thing to consider is the type of coffee you plan to make, which will determine the grind setting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Italian Espresso Machines

Is an Italian espresso machine worth it?

An Italian espresso machine is a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re looking for a professional-quality machine with features like a steam wand, built-in milk frother, and a timer. But if you’re looking to cut costs, you can get a comparable quality machine with suitable options and accessories at a fraction of the price.

What are the differences between American and Italian espresso machines?

The differences between American and Italian espresso machines include the shape of the machine, the way it works, and the accessories available. The form of the machine is the most crucial factor here. American espresso machines tend to be cylindrical, while Italian ones are rectangular.

What is the difference between a traditional and an Italian commercial espresso machine?

An Italian commercial espresso machine is a self-contained, standalone appliance used in any coffee shop or restaurant while a traditional espresso machine is a standalone unit that can be used anywhere but is only suitable for home use.

Does an Italian espresso machine make the best coffee?

Yes, an Italian espresso machine makes the best coffee. This is because Italian machines have been designed to extract the most flavor from the coffee beans and are equipped with various features that enhance the taste.

Does an Italian espresso machine need a boiler?

No, an Italian espresso machine does not need a boiler, but it is advisable to use one to get a better quality of the espresso. A boiler helps maintain the temperature of the water inside the machine and heats up the water to a specific temperature for optimal extraction.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for the best Italian espresso machine, you can’t go wrong with the brands we’ve mentioned above. They all have a strong reputation for quality and performance, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a great machine when choosing one of these brands.

Of course, there are other great Italian espresso machines out there, so if you have a different brand in mind, research to ensure it’s a good fit for you.

No matter which machine you choose, you’re sure to enjoy delicious drinks at home with your own Italian espresso machine.

Goditi il ​​tuo espresso!

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