Frappe vs Latte: The Best Drink for Your Morning Routine

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Morning routines can be sooooo boring. You know the drill: Alarm goes off, hit snooze a couple of times, roll out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, make breakfast, eat breakfast, grab your coffee, and head out the door. Same thing every day. Why not switch it up and add in a delicious frappe or latte?

But, you may be wondering which is the best option: Frappe vs Latte? Both of these drinks are popular choices, but they have distinct differences.

This blog post will break down the difference between frappe and latte and help you decide which one is right for you. So, whether you are a latte lover or a frappe fan, read on for some helpful tips.

What is the Difference Between Frappe and Latte?


The difference between frappe and latte lies in their temperature and preparation method. A frappe is a blended iced coffee drink that typically consists of espresso or instant coffee, milk, sugar, and ice. While a latte is a hot or iced espresso-based drink made with steamed milk. It usually contains one shot of espresso combined with three parts of steamed milk and topped with a small layer of foam.

In short, the critical difference between frappe and latte lies in their temperature (frappes are typically served cold while lattes can be served hot or cold), texture (frappes are blended for a smooth consistency while lattes have steamed milk), and ingredients (frappes contain ice while lattes do not).

Frappe vs Latte: Which Drink Has The Best Flavors?


When it comes to the difference between frappe and latte flavors, there is a wide range of options to choose from. These popular beverages have become a staple in coffee shops and cafes around the world, offering a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.

One of the most classic frappe flavors is the mocha, which combines the rich taste of chocolate with the boldness of coffee. This indulgent combination is loved by many for its perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Another popular frappe flavor is caramel, known for its smooth and creamy taste that adds a touch of sweetness to your coffee experience.

Moving on to latte flavors, one cannot ignore the ever-popular vanilla latte. This timeless flavor offers a subtle sweetness that complements the smoothness of espresso perfectly. For those who prefer something more unique, there are also options like hazelnut latte or charcoal latte, which add an extra layer of flavor and aroma to your cup.

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for alternative milk options in these beverages. Many coffee shops now offer frappes and lattes made with almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk as an alternative to traditional dairy-based options. This allows individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences to still enjoy their favorite flavors without compromising on taste.

Ultimately, the choice of frappe and latte flavors depends on personal preference. Whether you prefer classic combinations or more adventurous blends, there is undoubtedly a flavor out there that will satisfy your taste buds and enhance your coffee experience.

Which is Stronger Latte or Frappe?


When it comes to comparing the strength of a latte and a frappe, it’s important to understand the key differences between these popular coffee beverages.

A latte is typically made with espresso and steamed milk, resulting in a creamy and smooth texture. The strength of a latte primarily depends on the amount of espresso used in its preparation. Generally, lattes have a moderate level of caffeine content due to the standard shot(s) of espresso used.

On the other hand, a frappe is an iced blended coffee drink that usually includes ice, milk, or cream, sweeteners, and flavorings such as chocolate or caramel syrup. Frappes are often made with instant coffee or brewed coffee that is chilled before blending. The strength of a frappe can vary depending on factors such as the amount of coffee used and the ratio of milk or cream.

In terms of overall strength, it can be subjective as it depends on personal preference. If you prefer a bolder and more concentrated flavor profile with higher caffeine content, then a latte might be your choice. However, if you enjoy a refreshing and slightly milder taste with added sweetness from syrups or toppings, then a frappe could be more suitable.

Ultimately, whether you prefer the strength of a latte or a frappe will depend on your individual taste preferences for both coffee intensity and flavor combinations.

So, Frappe vs Latte: Which One is the Best?


It depends on what you’re looking for in a morning drink. If you want something that will give you a quick energy boost, then a frappe is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to help you relax and wake up gradually, then a latte might be a better choice.

Some Oftenly Asked Questions About The Difference Between Frappe and Latte

Can I add flavors to my frappe or latte?

Yes. Both frappes and lattes can be flavored with syrups or sauces. Common frappe flavors include chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Common latte flavors include hazelnut, almond, and cinnamon.

Is it a frozen frappe coffee?

No, a frappe is not frozen coffee. A frappe is a blended drink that contains coffee, milk, and sugar.

Is it a latte iced coffee?

No, a latte is not iced coffee. A latte is a hot drink that contains espresso and steamed milk.

Are lattes good for weight loss?

The answer is‚Ķmaybe. A latte made with whole milk contains about 150 calories, while a frappe has 250. So, if you’re looking to cut down on calories, a latte may be a better choice.

Does frappuccino make you fat?

Regular consumption of high-calorie beverages like frappuccino can contribute to weight gain if not balanced with a healthy diet and exercise routine. The excess calories from frappuccino can easily add up over time and lead to an increase in body fat.

Can frappuccinos be hot?

Yes, frappuccinos can be ordered hot instead of iced. However, many baristas will warn you that the drink won’t taste as good because the frappe base is designed to be blended with ice.

How many calories do both frappe and latte have in them?

On average, a small-sized frappe can range from 300-500 calories, while larger sizes can exceed 600 calories. On the other hand, a standard 12-ounce latte made with whole milk typically contains around 150-200 calories.

Final Words On Frappe vs Latte

So, there you have it. A frappe vs latte comparison article complete with FAQs and a conclusion. Whether your preference is, frappe or latte, both drinks can be a delicious and refreshing part of your morning routine.

We hope this article helped you decide which drink is right for you: Frappe or Latte. If you’re still undecided, we recommend trying both and seeing which one you like best.

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