The 11 Best Espresso Machine Under $100 [Review & Buying Guide]

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A great espresso machine is a necessity for a modern household. It is also something that keeps you healthy, energized, and active, and it is a luxury that everyone should enjoy.

And if you love a nice cup of coffee in the morning Or perhaps you love a little bit of espresso to wake you up and perk you up. Either way, getting a great quality machine is essential.

But which one is right for you? There are so many choices available online. And they all come with different features, and prices that vary by brand and model.

That’s why we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the 11 best espresso machine under 100 dollars. These are reliable machines that will get the job done and help you create a delicious cup of espresso with ease.

Espresso Captain’s Top Picks of Today

11 Best Espresso Machine Under 100 Dollars {Picked By Espresso Enthusiasts}

1. DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Item Weight6.67 pounds
Product Dimensions12.2 x 19.3 x 15 inches
Capacity1 Liters
Special FeatureRemovable Tank, Cup Warmer

Our top pick comes from DeLonghi, a renowned company that offers a wide range of kitchen appliances, and we can attest to their quality.

DeLonghi has been making high-quality coffee machines for over 100 years, and they’ve kept up the tradition for their latest model, the EC155.

The EC155 15 bar espresso and cappuccino machine has an incredible amount of features that make it one of the best in its class.

You’ll get a 15-bar pressure, adjustable controls, manual frother, and the Advanced Cappuccino System that creates a rich, creamy froth for the perfect cappuccino. The EC155 is also incredibly easy to use.

One of the most notable features is its advanced control panel. It has buttons for steaming, grinding, frothing, and pressing the milk button.

While other machines require you to press a button multiple times to make adjustments, this one lets you adjust the settings simply by pushing the desired buttons.

The EC155 is designed to keep the optimal temperature for brewing cup after cup, and it does so with its Advanced Cappuccino System. It has a simple water tank and drip tray, and you can easily take it out and replace it for easy cleaning.

All of the parts are dishwasher safe, and you can also easily disassemble it to clean the interior.

If you’re in the market for the best cheap espresso machine under 100, the EC155 is our top pick. It’s easy to use, and you can adjust all of the features to your preferences.

  • The machine is very easy to use. You simply add water and coffee grounds, push a button, and wait for your drink.
  • It makes great tasting espresso and cappuccino drinks.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • It does not have a built-in milk frother, so you will need to purchase one separately if you want to make lattes or other espresso drinks with milk.

2. Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso System

BrandMr. Coffee
Item Weight1.21 pounds
Product Dimensions11.45 x 10.63 x 9.45 inches
Capacity2.5 Pounds
Special FeatureThermal

This is a relatively new product, but it’s made by a company that has been making coffee machines for over 50 years. And, it is one of the most trusted names in the industry. It’s probably the most popular automatic espresso maker in the world. And while it’s still a pretty good option, it hasn’t always been the best. But that’s changing now.

This is the latest version of Mr. Coffee, and it’s arguably the best of the bunch. It’s got a 15-bar pump system that extracts a rich, dark espresso. It’s a thermal block system that keeps the water heated, which means you get barista-speed brewing and heating. 

It’s got a removable, washable drip tray that makes cleaning easier. And the thermal block heating system is designed to keep the brew hot, so you can make a latte or espresso immediately.

While it’s still a fairly compact machine, it’s actually a bit bigger than some of the other competitors. The build quality is solid, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand all types of use. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about washing it. And if you want, you can even adjust the water volume and power for different drinks.

There are two things to note though. First, it’s not a programmable model like some of the other options. And second, it doesn’t come with a grinder.

If you’re looking for a high-end machine, then this is a great option. But if you’re looking for something that’s affordable and works well, then you’d be better off with one of the other choices.

  • Espresso and cappuccino at the push of a button.
  • Built-in milk frother for creamy drinks.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Coffee grounds can get stuck in the machine.
  • The milk frother can be difficult to clean.

3. De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine EC260BK

Item Weight9.48 pounds
Product Dimensions13.5 x 8.07 x 11.22 inches
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic
Special FeatureManual

If you really enjoy cappuccinos, and this machine does a great job making them. It’s easy to clean and the design is very modern, so it doesn’t take up too much room.

The espresso maker has a 15 bar pump, which is ideal for extracting a single espresso shot or a double shot.

The Stilosa is a solid option that will provide you with a great cup of coffee every time. It’s also very easy to use, and you can easily make espresso and cappuccinos.

While it’s not as robust as the Breville machines, the Stilosa has a good reputation for being durable and reliable. It’s also compact, which is perfect for those who like to travel light.

There’s also a filter in the machine, which makes it easier to make espresso and cappuccinos. While there are a lot of espresso makers on the market, we are glad to say that this one is among the best.

It’s easy to operate, and it takes about 2 minutes to get ready for use.

We would highly recommend this espresso maker for anyone who loves espresso. It’s a lot of bang for your buck, and it’s a good value for money.

  • This machine has a 15 bar pump pressure.
  • A manual milk frother steam wand for making cappuccinos and lattes with ease.
  • The sleek black and stainless steel design will look great on any countertop.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in grinder, so you’ll need to grind your own coffee beans before brewing.

4. Bonsenkitchen Espresso Machine 20 Bar Coffee Machine

Item Weight9.03 pounds
Product Dimensions12.28 x 6.1 x 12.24 inches
Capacity1.25 Liters
Special FeatureAutomatic Shut-Off

Bonsenkitchen is a trusted brand for many consumers, and this espresso maker is no exception. This is the first espresso machine that we’ve tested which makes the perfect shot of espresso.

We were skeptical at first because there are a lot of espresso machines out there, but we really liked the way it made espresso. It was smooth, strong and very flavorful.

We loved how the steam wand works. It produces thick, rich milk foam, which is great for cappuccinos and lattes.

We also love that the thermostat is separate from the water and milk foam. This means that you can adjust the temperature of the water and milk foam separately. That’s pretty convenient.

The espresso machine comes with a water tank that holds 1.25 liters of water, so it should last for a while.

The drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe, and you can just throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done.

The espresso machine is a bit on the heavy side, so you’ll want to find a place where it won’t move around. The manufacturer recommends that it should be placed on a countertop or bar.

Overall, the Bonsenkitchen espresso machine is a great choice for home or office. It’s versatile, reliable and easy to use.

  • The espresso machine has a milk frother wand that helps you create rich and creamy drinks.
  • It is fast heating, so you won’t have to wait long for your drink.
  • It is easy to use, even for beginners.
  • The machine is a bit noisy.

5. Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Coffee Maker TypeEspresso
Capacity4 Cups
Special FeatureMilk FrotherDrip TrayHot Water Dispenser

We’ve used Capresso machines for years and it’s the best coffee maker on the market. The Capresso 303.01 has a great design and the machine itself feels sturdy and well-built.

The steam/boiler reduces warm-up time to less than two minutes, which is amazing. It makes an incredible espresso in less than a minute, and the machine itself is designed to stay clean and dry for a long time.

The auto-shutoff feature prevents the machine from overheating and damaging it. You can also adjust the steam output to get the perfect level of froth for your coffee.

It’s also easy to use and the water is automatically measured and poured in the right amount. Just fill it up to the appropriate mark and press the start button. The Capresso 303.01 will take care of the rest, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning.

The machine is quite large, but it fits well in the kitchen and it’s easy to access all the buttons. It also comes with a carafe for pouring your coffee, which is great for people who want to go the extra mile and make a latte or a cappuccino.

You can choose between 4, 6 or 8 cups depending on your needs, so it’s the perfect size for households. The price is reasonable too, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

  • This is a great machine for people who love coffee and want to be able to make their own drinks at home.
  • This machine is very easy to use, and it produces great results.
  • This is a very affordable machine, making it a great option for people on a budget.
  • This machine is very compact, making it perfect for small kitchens or apartments.
  • It can only make four cups of coffee at a time, so it might not be ideal for large families or groups of people.

 6. Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine with Steamer

BrandHamilton Beach
Easy To UseYes
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso
Capacity2 Cups
Special FeatureManual

One of our top picks for best espresso machine under 100 comes from Hamilton Beach, a well-reputed company that produces quality products like this espresso machine, which is pretty affordable.

The Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine with Steamer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple, reliable espresso maker. It’s made with stainless steel and features a powerful 15-bar pump that makes the most delicious espresso possible.

It’s compact enough to fit in tight spaces and its water tank is removable for easy cleaning. Hamilton Beach also makes a larger model that’s perfect for large households, but it costs almost twice as much.

The steaming wand is removable and can be used for steaming milk for lattes, mochas, or cappuccinos. It’s also ideal for making iced coffee drinks and hot chocolate.

The water reservoir is made of BPA-free polycarbonate, which is safe for drinking and dishwasher safe. It’s also completely leak-proof and the water tank can be removed for filling and cleaning.

It has two separate brew heads for simultaneous brewing of 2 cups of espresso. The stainless steel grinder also makes it easy to grind the beans to the right consistency.

It’s perfect for people who want to make a delicious espresso in their kitchen. It’s also pretty inexpensive, which is great for people on a budget.

  • It is very easy to use. You simply add water to the reservoir, insert your favorite coffee grounds, and press the brew button.
  • This machine comes with a steamer wand that allows you to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes.
  • It is very affordable, making it a great option for coffee lovers on a budget.
  • This machine comes with a one-year warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase.
  • It is not as durable as some of the more expensive espresso machines on the market.
  • This machine does not have a built-in grinder, so you will need to purchase one separately.

7. Capresso 117.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso Machine EC50

Removable Water TankYes
Capacity1242.09 Milliliters
ColorStainless Steel
MaterialStainless Steel

If you’re looking for an espresso machine that’s going to produce a great crema, then the Capresso 117.05 is the way to go. It’s got 15 bars of pressure, so it’s going to get you a lot of crema. It’s stainless steel, which means that it won’t rust or corrode.

It’s also self-locking, so there’s no need for a lid. It has a thermo-block, so you can have a consistent temperature of water, which is what you want when you’re making espresso. And it has a one-piece, removable filter holder, so you can easily replace the filter without having to dismantle the machine. This is all for a very reasonable price.

Capresso’s espresso machines are designed with ease of use and functionality in mind. They feature an innovative auto-fill function and a convenient one-piece filter holder that removes the need for a lid.

The Capresso EC50 has a thermo block and a pressure indicator light to help you know at a glance when your machine is ready. The EC50 is equipped with a 15 bar pump that delivers a silky smooth espresso. A stainless steel conical burr grinder with three settings provides you with the ability to make a variety of delicious beverages.

This is a great machine, but it’s not for everyone. The filter holder isn’t the easiest to remove, and you’ll have to be careful when you’re filling it with water. But if you want to produce a great crema, then this is the machine for you. It’s super easy to use, and it’s affordable.

  • This machine is made of stainless steel and has a black finish.
  • It’s easy to use, making it perfect for beginners.
  • It also has a frothing wand so you can make delicious cappuccinos.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in grinder, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

8. Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Cappuccino and Latte Maker

BrandMr. Coffee
Water PitcherYes
Frothing WandYes
Capacity1.3 Pounds
Special FeatureManual

The Mr. Coffee 4-shot Steam Espresso Machine is one of the best models that comes from Mr. Coffee. It’s not only one of the most powerful espresso machines we’ve reviewed, but it’s also one of the easiest to use.

The 4-shot model is great because it can brew up to 4 cups of espresso at once. It can make a latte too, which is really convenient for a person who doesn’t drink coffee. It’s also one of the most powerful models that we’ve seen, and can get you an espresso of up to 6 oz.

The steam feature on this espresso machine is amazing. It’s incredibly fast, and the water doesn’t boil as quickly as other machines. When you want to make a cup of espresso, simply fill the machine with water and push the button. Then let it sit for about 15 seconds, and voila, you’ve got your espresso.

The frothing wand is another nice addition to the Mr. Coffee 4-Shot. It’s much easier to froth milk using the 4-Shot, and you’ll be able to create cappuccinos and lattes much easier.

This is a powerful machine that can handle everything you throw at it. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel, and the controls are simple to use. Mr. Coffee 4-Shot is easy to clean, and the removable frothing wand cover makes it easy to clean.

It’s also very quiet, which is a plus for those who live in apartments. If you want the best coffee, this is the machine for you.

  • The machine is very easy to use. You simply add water and coffee grounds, turn it on, and wait for your drink to be dispensed.
  • It makes delicious espresso drinks that taste just like they do at a coffee shop.
  • It is very affordable, especially considering the quality of the espresso it produces.
  • It is compact and takes up very little counter space.
  • The machine can sometimes produce watery espresso if the coffee grounds are not tamped down properly.
  • The espresso it produces is not as strong as some other machines on the market.

9. ChefWave Espresso Machine Machine & Coffee Maker 

Warranty1 Year
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso
Capacity1.7 Pounds
Special FeatureProgrammable

The Chefwave Espresso machine is one of the best in the market today, and it’s made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure long-lasting performance.

The Chefwave espresso machine is designed to be easy to use, but still delivers the same high-quality espresso that you’re used to. It does so with a 20 bar pressure pump and 2 programmable brew sizes.

The machine is equipped with a fast heat-up system that heats the water up to the ideal temperature in under 30 seconds. This is important because you want to make sure that the coffee grounds reach the optimal brewing temperature before you actually brew the coffee. If the coffee isn’t ready, you won’t get the desired taste.

The machine comes with the capsule container, drip tray and water tank, which makes it really convenient to clean. Just empty the capsule container, clean the drip tray, and rinse the water tank. The machine is dishwasher-safe, so you can also do this without having to worry about damage.

You can easily remove the capsule container, drip tray and water tank, making the whole process really quick. The Kava is compact and energy-saving. It has a very low profile, which is good because it’ll fit nicely on your countertop.

The machine will automatically shut off when it reaches the 2-hour shut off setting, saving energy and money. In standby mode, the machine will turn on and off automatically as needed.

In conclusion, this is an excellent espresso machine that will make your morning coffee routine easier and more enjoyable. You can use it to make various espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

  • This machine has a premium, Italian 20 bar high pressure pump.
  • It has got a pod holder to make your morning coffee ritual easier than ever.
  • It is also programmable, so you can enjoy your perfect cup of espresso every time.
  • The double-wall glasses keep your coffee hot and your hands cool.
  • The build quality of the machine is not top of the level.

10. Capresso 304.01 Steam Pro 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

Dishwasher SafeYes
Wattage800 watts
Capacity4 Cups
ColorBlack with stainless steel

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to make some tasty espresso, then this is the right model for you. It’s compact and can be used anywhere – at home, at work, or on the go. 

We’ve tried using this espresso machine for months now, and it’s never let us down. It’s easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and is built with high-quality materials.

It’s got a removable stainless steel boiler that’s easy to clean, and comes with a dishwasher-safe glass carafe. The removable drip tray is a huge bonus too because it makes clean-up super easy.

It heats up quickly, so you can use it as soon as you turn it on. The brew chamber holds 4 cups, so you can make 2 cappuccinos at once. It’s also easy to set up and use thanks to the simple push button operation.

This Capresso 304.01 Steam Pro 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine is suitable for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite beverage without having to go through the hassle of making it themselves. It’s also a great gift for someone who enjoys coffee or tea.

  • It has the ability to make two types of drinks
  • It has a steam wand for frothing milk.
  • It has a large water tank.
  • Small drip tray.
  • Lack of a built-in grinder.

11. BELLA (13683) Personal Espresso Maker

Item Weight4.76 pounds
Coffee Maker TypeYes
Special FeatureManual

If you like espresso drinks but want to make them at home, this is a great option for you.

It has an easy-to-use steam wand, which allows you to create all sorts of steamed drinks with a few quick turns. There are two settings, which allows you to make tea or coffee.

It’s a very versatile machine, and you can adjust the strength and temperature of the espresso. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is compact enough to fit into any kitchen. It’s ideal for people who want to try their hand at making coffee or tea.

The removable filter basket is a great feature, and it makes cleaning up after the steaming process easier.

As the decanter is made of glass, it’s easy to use, and won’t break if you drop it. The design also prevents spills, and it’s dishwasher safe. It’s really sturdy and durable.

We love the design of this espresso maker. It’s sleek and modern, and looks great in any kitchen. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves espresso drinks.

  • It has a permanent filter.
  • The espresso maker is very affordable, making it a great choice for budget-conscious coffee lovers.
  • The machine has a lot of great features, such as a steam wand that helps you create perfect lattes and cappuccinos.
  • It can be difficult to clean if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • The machine is quite loud, so it might not be ideal for use in small spaces.
  • It takes a bit of time to heat up, so you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to make coffee in a hurry.

What To Look When Shopping For The Best Espresso Machine Under 100 Dollars?


There are many different factors that you should consider when choosing the right espresso machine for your home.

Espresso machines come in various sizes and models, and the features and functionality vary significantly between them.

For example, some espresso machines are designed specifically for commercial use while others are made for home use.

It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for in an espresso machine, as that will determine which one you need.

Here are a few important things to consider before buying your espresso machine:


As a general rule, bigger is better when it comes to espresso machines. That’s because the more cups of coffee you produce, the more expensive it is to keep the machine clean and sanitized.

So, if you plan to serve a large number of guests at a time, make sure you choose a machine that’s big enough.

Some espresso machines even offer programmable settings that let you choose how many cups you want to make at once, so you don’t have to worry about running out of supplies.


As a general rule, more features will cost you more money. So, if you want a machine that offers many different features, you may have to spend a little more cash.

But remember, if you don’t need a specific feature, you can save money by skipping it.

Also, think about what you’ll be using the machine for. If you plan on making a large number of espresso drinks, you’ll need a machine that’s equipped with a thermal carafe, while a smaller one might be suitable for personal use.


There are several features that you’ll need to think about, including the number of cups you want, how many people will be using it, and if you’ll be using it daily or occasionally.

Some espresso machines can be used as a traditional espresso machine or a regular coffee machine.

If you plan on using the machine for both coffee and espresso, look for one that has the ability to switch between the two.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you plan on using the machine for a long time, make sure you get one that is made of high-quality materials and will last a long time.

Consider the size of your kitchen or home. If you have a small space, you may not need a huge machine, while a larger one might be better suited for a larger kitchen.


You’ll also want to think about how much effort you plan on putting into keeping the machine clean.

If you’ll be using the machine often, you may want to invest in a machine that is easy to clean or comes with a cleaning kit.

Consider The Size

Depending on the size of your kitchen or home, you may need a different sized machine.

If you have a small kitchen, you may only need a single cup espresso machine.

However, if you have a larger kitchen or space, you may want to consider getting a multi-cup model that has the ability to accommodate up to four cups of coffee at once.

But if you have a larger kitchen or space, a multi-cup model is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Espresso Machine Under 100


What Is The Best Espresso Machine Under 100$?

The best cheap espresso machine under 100$ is the De’Longhi EC155. This machine has a sleek and minimalist design produces high-quality espressos and cappuccinos, with an espresso brewing time of only 2 minutes. It also comes with a variety of accessories like the milk frother, steam wand, and cleaning brush. If you’re looking for a compact and easy-to-use machine, this is the one for you.

Can You Buy An Espresso Machine For Under 100$?

Yes, you can buy an espresso machine for under 100$ and enjoy delicious espresso and latte at home. There are several brands available on Amazon, and we recommend going for one of the top-rated ones, such as the De’Longhi EC155, Mr. Coffee ECMP50, and De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine. They have stainless steel construction, fast brewing time and many more features.

Is De’longhi A Good Espresso Machine Brand?

A De’Longhi espresso machine is a good quality machine, and it has an excellent reputation in the market. They are known for their durability and dependability, and they offer various options for different needs.

Our Final Words On Best Espresso Machine Under 100

A great espresso machine doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The DeLonghi EC155 offers exceptional performance for its price range, and is one of the best espresso machine under 100.

It has all the key features you’d expect from an espresso machine. It also comes with a sleek design, two grind settings, a timer, and it brews enough for two cups of coffee at once.

The only downside to this espresso machine is that the steaming functionality is not as strong as you’d expect. But, if that’s what you’re looking for, you should definitely consider this espresso machine.

If you’re looking for more guides on the best espresso machines for your home, check out our website for our top espresso machines under $200.

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